How to Use This Training Program

To navigate through this training program, use your left mouse button to click on the green left or right arrows. Clicking on the left arrow will take you back one screen, while clicking on the right arrow will take you forward one screen. 

On some screens, you will see a question mark symbol at the far right side of the navigation bar. This question mark, indicates that a "Quick Check" screen will follow the current screen. Quick Check screens ARE NOT scored, but are designed to help you learn the material being presented so that you will do well on the course test.

Finally, on some screens you will see yellow words that are underlined. These words are very important and each is defined so that you will learn the language of safety, as well as the concepts and practices related to working safely in your organization.

Take a moment now to explore this page and its links. We hope you enjoy this training course, and good luck.