Safe-Handling Procedures Section - Nitric Acid, 70%

The Safe-Handling Procedures section of the Nitric Acid MSDS provides the following information:

Isolate or enclose the area of the leak or spill. Clean-up personnel should wear protective clothing and respiratory equipment suitable for toxic or corrosive fluids or vapors.

For small spills:

Flush with water, and neutralize with alkaline material (soda ash, lime, et cetera). Sewer with excess water.

For larger spills and lot sizes:

Neutralize with alkaline, pick up with absorbent material (sand, earth, vermiculite) and dispose in a RCRA - approved waste facility or sewer the neutralized slurry with excess water if local ordinances allow. Provide forced ventilation to dissipate fumes.

Reportable Quantity (RQ) (CWA/CERCLA): 1000 pounds

Insure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.