Recharging Electric Lift Trucks

Whenever you recharge an electric lift truck: 
* Turn off the motor and any lights that may be burning on the lift truck.
* Do not smoke; make sure there are no open flames nearby.
* During the recharging process, batteries give off hydrogen gas. Make sure you recharge your battery in a well ventilated area.
* Be careful not to spill any battery acid (electrolyte). If you do, clean it up using an absorbent material.
* Because of the danger of electrical arcing, which will ignite hydrogen gas, keep tools and other metal objects away from the top of uncovered batteries. This includes rings and watches.
* Batteries, when they are recharging, produce heat. Be sure to keep the compartment lid open.
* Wear all prescribed safety equipment (face shield, rubber gloves, rubber apron, etc.).