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Who are we?
Free-Training.com was started in 1997 by Dr. Philip McGee using the Internet as a delivery medium to test an alternative business model for his company Instructional Designs, Inc. At first, site usage was limited as many organizations were not sure how effective web-based training could be. Slowly however, what was once a leading edge technology became a mainstream delivery mechanism and today, thousands of people are trained via the Internet.

Free-Training.com is a leading provider of quality safety training on the Internet. Just type the key words 'safety training' into any search engine and you will find us listed on the first page. What does this mean to you? It means exposure.

Table: Site Usage for Jan-Feb 2012

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A limited number of Sponsors (20) are being accepted for 2012. Sponsors will have a banner ad on the front page of the site AND a listing on the Additional Resources page for $ 500 per year.

Become a Resource
You can be listed as a safety Resource for only $120 per year.

Mechanical Requirements
.jpg or .gif graphics must be 175 pixels wide by 75 Pixels high. Graphics will be linked to your site. Use text to list the services and products you provide.

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